Caring instructions for your screen printed garments

The Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for Your Printed T-Shirts

Whether you just wanted a piece of custom apparel or needed team shirts for an event, printed T-shirts are fantastic ways to make a statement in style. When it comes to caring for them, though, it’s more complicated than throwing them in the washer and dryer. Mustang Graphics in Seward, NE, is an expert when it comes to printed tees, and these are their do’s and don’ts for taking care of them.


Turn shirts inside out before washing.

Before you throw those tasteful T-shirts in the washer, turn them inside out. This protects the printed image from fading and damage.

Wash in cold water.

Hot water can loosen the design and cause it to fade or warp, even in as little as one wash. Using cold water helps the fabric hold the design.

Use gentle detergents.

Harsh, overly-powerful detergents – especially those with bleach in them – can fade or destroy the image on your T-shirts. Gentle detergents that aren’t extra-strength should do just fine.


Throw them in a dryer.

After washing your shirts in cold water, it’s recommended that you hang them up to dry instead of putting them through the stress of a dryer. If you must use a dryer, use the lowest temperature and gentlest cycle that it allows.

Iron them.

Ironing your printed shirts can result in a mess or a faded design. If your shirt wrinkles, try using a wrinkle-release spray (sparingly).

Use bleach on them.

Bleach will have the same effect on your design that it will on colored clothing. The colors and images of your shirt will be permanently damaged, with no way to reverse or repair it.

Taking care of your printed shirts the right way will ensure the design stays bright and clear for longer. If you need new printed T-shirts, custom apparel, or screen-printing services, trust the team at Mustang Graphics in Seward, NE, to provide high-quality items. We take pride in every job, whether it’s one custom T-shirt or a batch of shirts and sweatpants for a family reunion. Exceptional quality is our trademark, and we'll do whatever it takes to leave you smiling. Browse our popular items online or call (402) 643-9888 to get in touch with our office.